Internet Lessons

Diana gives an Internet Lesson.

Diana has been giving very successful lessons over the Internet for more than seven years. While it is always better to have lessons “in-person”, this technology has helped students living in more isolated areas to continue with regular lessons despite distance and weather.

The Internet lessons are supplemented with occasional in-person lessons, especially during the period of setting posture. It is important for Diana to check out the cello set-up to ensure ease of playing. Younger students have in-person lessons more often, because the live sound is so influencing. The lessons for younger children are longer than in-person lessons initially, to have time for parent to teacher conversation, to explain directions and answer questions thoroughly.

A fast Internet connection with lots of upload capability is needed. A large screen and good speakers help make the experience more satisfactory. Skype, iChat or AIM Messnger can be used.

If you are interested, please contact Diana.